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My goal is to share my vast housing knowledge with you in order for you to get the most value you can in the design and construction of your new home. I’ve spent over three decades maximizing the profitability of every home that by my home builder clients built without sacrificing livability or style. I’ve also helped them implement systems and approaches that enable them to get more work done in less time. As a result, their home building businesses have thrived. Now, I’m bringing the knowledge and skills I’ve developed bringing success to builders to the home buying public.



Why Custom Home How To?

I created Custom Home How To because there isn’t any other site that brings the best information possible on creating the home of your dreams.  I’ve walked too many homes that could have been great.  Commonly, well timed information and advice could have had a profound effect.  The ideas and principles found here are rooted in my experience creating over $2.2 billion dollars of homes.  Until now, this information and advice was only available to top building professionals.

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About Jon “The Home Whisperer” Anderson

Hello… I am Jon Anderson “The Home Whisperer”. I have been directly responsible for the design and production of over 2.2 Billion Dollars’ worth of homes that have been built and sold by prominent home builders. I have earned accolades and praise for creating designs that home buyers desire, and as a result home builders use these home plans as the cornerstone of their business. My home designs have been cost effective for home builders and feel larger, allowing home buyers to get more value and live more comfortably.
I’ve honed my skills to create homes with appeal, and that cost less to build. Throughout my career I have continued to learn from home builders, but it has been the “golden nuggets of wisdom” that subcontractors have shared that have made an immeasurable impact on my talents and abilities.
I discovered the sub’s untapped knowledge early in my career where I ran the estimating and contract administration department for a general contractor. I spoke to subs all day long. I learned about the psychology behind their actions. Those early conversations have left indelible impressions on me and how I serve my clients to this day.
As a Registered Architect, my core passion is to help my clients achieve their goals. Creating profitable homes that are easy for my clients to construct has been only part of what I’ve done. My designs call for a reduction in materials and labor hours allowing ease during construction. As a result of this passion I’ve been able to increase my builder’s profits and reduce their overhead and risk.
During my tenure as an Architect to top builders I noticed a major disconnect. The information I’ve taught and implemented with builders rarely made it to the hands of the consumer and understandable so. See builders – build… that’s what they do. They are in the practice of constructing and selling homes. Designing homes and creating unique living environments isn’t in their wheel house and it’s not their fault. It takes decades of dedicated effort to become a master at the craft of design. Each year becomes a building block for the next.
That’s why we are here today, to help you get everything you desire in a home all while getting the most value for your money. With that said, let’s get started.


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