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By on November 16
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Imaging your three biggest decisions on your custom home as legs to a stool. You need three firm legs for stability. Same goes for building your custom home.

The third most important decision you make in building your custom home is the custom home builder you choose to hire. This is the guy that is running the anchor leg of the relay. The rest of the team built the lead and your builder needs to finish strong.

There are multiple skills that your custom home builder must possess. This will be necessary for you to meet your budget, timeline and quality expectations.

What are the necessary skills?

Your builder must have an in depth knowledge of construction techniques and sequencing. This will directly affect the time it takes to build your home. More importantly, a builder that’s weak in this area will be loose control over his subcontractors during the building process. This will most definitely cost you money.

Second, your builder must be solid at bidding and negotiating contracts with subcontractors. This is where control is most commonly lost. Builders that sign subcontractor proposals are bad businessmen. It doesn’t matter how good they are at construction, the contractor – subcontractor agreement must have teeth.

The teeth are not to hurt the subs. They are there to protect your interest. PERIOD.

There is an entire other side to bidding and negotiation. It is the psychology. You need to do all of the negotiation up front, before any contracts are signed. Otherwise, prices will be higher – Guaranteed! This has nothing to do with honesty or deceit. It’s all about controlling costs.
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The final element that affects your costs is pay schedule. Quick payment almost always is greeted with better response during construction and better pricing during bidding.

There are many little things that will affect the quality and price. How often and for how long is your builder’s project supervisor going to be on your job? Does the supervisor actually do any work? Or, does he just point everything out to the subs?

It’s not necessary for your project supervisor to strap on the tool belt and work side by side with the subs the entire time, but picking up the little things makes an enormous difference. In addition, a supervisor that is capable of strapping on a belt and working is more capable of identifying errors by the subs.

Why does identifying errors quickly matter? Subs know when bidding projects that good supers are a second set of eyes. And the chances of a big mistake that costs the sub a lot of money to remedy will be less likely. In return, the sub will feel more comfortable bidding with a tighter margin.

As you can see, an extraordinary custom home builder goes much deeper that building well constructed homes.  Learn how to hire the right home builder and make the construction process of your dream home better.

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