A Simple Design Aid Will Make Your Home Better

By on October 19
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This is one of the most mind‐boggling misjudgments made in the design process. Is it just that most people are lazy? How on earth could anyone design a home without furnishing it DURING the DESIGN PHASE? Belatedly accounting for a process that will greatly affect your home only after it is constructed is a colossal mistake.

Remember, we are looking at higher design here. Design for Fit & Feel, not Size. Placing furniture in your plans in design will expose flaws that were not completely obvious at first. There are three prime reasons that rooms don’t furnish well:

Furnishing Problem #1: Circulation through the room is flawed

Here’s the trouble: If a room doesn’t furnish because of circulation through the room… it’s because the design is flawed. And that’s the truth, and it can be a tough one to swallow.

However, I will promise you one thing:

It’s cheaper to fix a design flaw before the start of construction than to rebuild or live with a home that “doesn’t feel right”.

For a room to function well, traffic must move comfortably through it.

In many cases, it’s the traffic moving from one room to another that makes the furnishing impossible or at least awkward.

Laying out furniture in a house is a relatively simple process and it doesn’t take a special degree in interior design or incredible talent.  Just common sense and a little patience.

Simply imagining furniture in a room doesn’t cut it; you’ll blow it, guaranteed. Furniture must be included in the design to ensure positive circulation throughout the house.

This is just the beginning. There’s a lot more to explore in reference to design.

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