The Secret Insider Tricks to a Bigger and Less Costly Home!

By on October 5
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So you want to build a home.

Everyone wants a bigger home.  Everyone wants a cheaper home.  And with this ‘SECRET’ unconventional strategy you get both.

These simple industry insights are just what you need to be prepared for this heavy life decision.

As Americans, we are the archetype consumer and we are obsessed with size. But as far as the homes we live in, we should be obsessed with something else: function and feel.

What is more green than creating a home that is 2,000 sq.ft., yet functions and feels as though it is 2,400 sq.ft.? This means 20% more space, free, considering both homes have equal construction costs per square foot.

Cue, Irony.

They become CHEAPER TO BUILD. (right?)

At first… this may not make any sense. But by understanding the principles that make homes feel and live larger, the savings becomes real.

Encyclopedias could be compiled of the vast quantity of small cost‐saving techniques that exist. But, it isn’t about the number of techniques; it’s about properly handling the ones that can be perfectly implemented in your project.

Equipped with this insider know-how, you become a smart consumer who will save in both dollars and anguish.

For starters, let’s discuss the two ‘F’s. They will create the basis for creating spaces that live, function well and feel large. Function and Feel are what it’s all about. By satisfying the two ‘F’s, you have created a platform for design that few REALLY UNDERSTAND.

The first ‘F’: Function

This is making each room or space work efficiently. There are tricks that make a space feel much larger than it truly is. For starters, placing furniture along the edges of a room increases the open area in the middle.

Applying this technique correctly can increase the perception of a room’s size as much as 35%.

To have a chance at a Larger Living Room, the furniture arrangement must function without overwhelming the space containing it.

It is critical to not only create spaces of proper size, but to make them function in a way that makes them feel roomy.

The second ‘F’: Feel

The feel of a room has everything to do with perception and less to do with actual size. Of course, an extremely small room will feel small no matter what you do to it… (well, almost).

There are numerous techniques you can use to increase the perceived size of a room.

The best way to learn is to see techniques applied in REAL EXAMPLES. And that’s what will follow. We’ll discuss powerful concepts that solve common problems. These examples will help you realize concepts that will generate profits from now and into the future.

All because you’ll be creating greater value than you ever have before.

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Jon Anderson has been Home Builders secret resource for over 25. He's helped them create over $2.2 Billion in revenue. In order to sharpen his skills, Jon has also built homes (he actually hired clients to do the building). He tested his own ideas and principles with his own 'skin' in the game. That's where he really learned about what matters and what doesn't. Now, Jon is bringing his immense skills to the public. For more cost-saving creative custom home tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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