The Success (or Failure) of Your Custom Home Hinges on Getting One Thing Right!

By on November 2
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So you’re interested in building your custom home. There’s a lot to think about. In fact, there are thousands of decisions you have to make along the way. Really there’s 10’s of thousands. But, there are three decisions that stand above all others. They are whom do you hire to design your home, who will you trust to build it and the home site (building lot) you choose.

Here we’ll focus on the most important decision you’ll make. Hiring the right person to design your home, you’ll relieve a lot of pressure from of the process.

So, lets discuss start your search for the single most important member of your team, your home designer. It’s not to say that your builder is less important, its just that your home designer should be there to help you organize your ideas and translate them into a design and eventually a set of building plans that your builder can use to construct your home.

You need a systematic approach to evaluate that will make the process work for you.   You’ll be able to narrow the field and ultimately one or two will rise to the top. Then, it’s all up to you.

There are many things to think about, but most importantly is trust that your home designer is interested in bringing your vision to life. You see, it is all about you not the home designer. You need a professional that will listen to your wants and needs and weigh them against your budget and site constraints in order to create your perfect home.

The perfect home does not start at the walls. Some think that it starts at your building lot. But in reality, getting the perfect home starts with choosing the right designer.

It’s the home designer’s job to breath life to your vision. Just as important, this is the person that will ultimately create the basis of your homes cost. And this is huge. More money is unknowingly lost because of your home designer’s mistakes made while designing your home.

Creativity shows its true face through smart design that costs less to build. This is achieved by superior understanding of construction principles and making your home feel larger than it really is.

Think of it this way, all of the intent to give you a home you love is lost without experience on your side. Years of “experience” aren’t what you’re looking for. The capability of creating a great home that truly costs less to build is what you need. And that’s what separates the men from the boys.

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