Tricks To Making Rooms Feel Larger

By on September 21
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This article is part of a series of Window arrangements are often an overlooked aspect of the design process.

With proper placement, a window or group of windows can have a dramatic effect on a room.

By creating a focal element that pulls the user’s eyes out of a room… window placement can make a moderate size room FEEL LARGE.

Aside from increasing space (well, its ‘feel’), another objective of windows is to illuminate the home.  Your objective should be to pull light deep into the room. The higher the head (or top) of a window is placed in a wall, the deeper that light will travel into the room.  This in turn greatly reduces the need for artificial light and subsequently, electricity.

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The above illustration depicts a window with an ordinary head in many cases  height. By simply raising the head of the window, as shown on the right, light reaches deeper into the room.

Window Grouping:

Properly grouping windows helps to showcase a panoramic view. Using groups of windows costs less when compared to using single, oversized windows. Also, thickening the wall where a group of windows are placed will add drama and draw the occupant’s eye.

In most cases, carefully choosing anywhere from one to three focal groupings is all that’s needed.

How does this apply to ‘feel’?

With a grouped window arrangement, rooms feel larger because its occupant’s eyes are drawn beyond the walls of the room itself. The focus has now changed to visual elements outside instead of in.

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