Wrong Choice in Your Home Designer and You’ll Pay…

By on November 30
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This is the second minefield you must navigate. Wrong choice here and you pay dearly.   Once again, careful evaluation is critical. But, how do evaluate your design team.

Do you hire an architect, a draftsman or a contractor (with a draftsman)? Do you use stock plans for your custom home?

Once again, you are faced with a win or loose decision. Make the right one and you will get the home you envisioned at the best possible price. Blow it and you pay through the nose. You’ll get a home that doesn’t fulfill your goals and is not all that you wanted for a price that you didn’t expect to pay.

How do you protect yourself? You need a design team that is looking out for your best interest. That’s just the start. Remember, you can’t fix a bad or the wrong attitude.

Your design team needs decades of experience. Without it, you are paying for on-the-job-training. Don’t get this wrong. In construction, you will never know it all. In fact, if you find a ‘know it all’, RUN.

With that in mind, you pick the your designer with 25 years experience. Your bases are covered, right? Not even close. So, does your designer has 25 years of experience or it’s dangerous imposter, 1 Year of Experience 25 times. They both look the same to the naked eye. Most common type of experience is the 1 year by ‘x’ times. This is where your ‘expert’ has done the same exact thing for ‘x’ years with little or no growth in knowledge and training. So, how do you tell the difference?

It’s much easier than you think. It comes down to evaluating three elements:

  1. Quality of References
    • Make sure that they are deeper than ‘He makes pretty pretty houses’
    • Look at what other industry professionals say
  2. Design Theory (can they describe it clearly in writing or verbally)
    • What drives your designer
    • What’s their background in training
    • What do they do to stay current to today’s construction techniques
  3. Attitude
    • Make sure your design team is in it for YOUR SUCCESS
    • Are they known for making monuments to themselves (in other words, creating beautiful houses that they would want to live in – not you)
    • Is he in it to save you money (does he even know how)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to explore in reference to design.

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